Why I don't charge extra for aerial shots...

Aerial photography shots will be the "norm" in the real estate photography world. They should and will be expected like a wide-angle lens. My job as a professional real estate photographer is to help my client (realtor) showcase their listing in the best way. If that means that an aerial shot of the lake showcasing the back porch will help sell the damn house, then that's what needs to be done. I absolutely help my clients in every way possible to get their listing sold. That's my job. Simple. This is why I don't charge extra for aerial shots of properties that need it, because THEY NEED IT!

Point Being

When shooting homes in the Lake Norman and Lake Wylie area, or anywhere there is a body of water, realtors will want to showcase how close/far away they are from the lake. What better way than to show the proximity of the house and the lake than from an aerial perspective? Showing that the house is "right on the lake" by a picture is a whole lot more effective than stating it in text on an MLS listing.    

Front yards and backyards are not all flat and lifeless. Some have wonderful landscapes that make the property come to life. The problem occurs for the photographer when there is foliage in the way or the grading of the land is too steep to get a good angle on the house. Sometimes the best answer is to take out a drone for these cases and use it just as any other tool a photographer would use.

Set up and break down of the drone unit takes about 5 minutes and then another 5 minutes of flight time. I don't know about you but I have 10 extra minutes to give to my clients so they know that we are a team. As a team member, you have to play your part in order for others to succeed. If the team is succeeding then we are all "eating." 

It's assumed that not all properties are going to need an aerial shot. I've never been in a situation where a realtor has asked me to take an aerial shot, just to take an aerial shot. Aerial photography will be a necessity if you are a real estate photographer shooting houses on a lake. They will be expected, as they should be, in order to give the realtor everything they need to make a fast sale.