UPDATED Views of Crescent Providence Farm in South Charlotte

Providence Farm Aerial Views

an aerial view of crescent providence farm near the interchange of 485 and providence rd updated as of Jan 16, 2017

aerial video of providence farm on providence rd January 2017

framing is well under way on a building in the crescent communities' providence farm

What is Crescent Providence Farm?

"Crescent Providence Farm is a place where people can gather and discover something new in a culinary-inspired atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Charlotte. Inside the energy of a new town center, here, modern living spaces, dining, and shopping are tied together by a sense of community. With a demonstration kitchen, garden, outdoor cooking and dining areas for community use, Crescent Providence Farm has a distinct urban vibe that redefines farm living. Welcome to Charlotte’s only community designed to celebrate food, family, and friends." Find out more here.

Here are some aerial pics that were taken in November 2016 CLICK

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3d map


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