Two Questions Realtors Need to Ask Their Drone Operator...

  1. Are you licensed by the FAA? If yes, ask to see a copy of their license, just don't take their word for it.

  2. Are you insured as a Drone Operator? Different from regular business insurance. Ask to see a copy.

Beginning August 26th, The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is requiring drone operators who fly commercially to pass a 60 question multiple choice test. The test will include questions about Regulations, Operating Rules, Airspace Classification, Emergency Procedures, Maintaneance and Inspection Procedures. Testing will be done at these 696 testing centers across the United States.

It would be a shame if there was an accident and your drone operator was at fault, but was not properly licensed/insured. Who do you think the property owners' insurance company would go after then? Most likely the one who hired him/her.

Your reputation as a realtor is everything. One small mistake can erase years of hard work. Make sure you are asking AT LEAST these two questions to your aerial service so that you aren't potentially ruining your years of hard work because you weren't sure if something was legal or not. I've heard of people saying "all press is good press," not when there is a reputation at stake and people's money on the line. Word gets around fast and being known for the person who cuts corners, probably won't get you too far in this line of work.


I know that as a drone operator, safety is the most important issue I worry about. Being fully licensed and insured gives me the peace of mind that if an accident were to happen, I would be held fully accountable. I would never want to make my mistake someone elses.

For more information visit FAA. Testing will be done at these 696 testing centers across the United States.