framework up for a building in waverly solis in charlotte, nc

framework up for a building in waverly solis in charlotte, nc

Aerial Drones for Construction Sites

Six Cents Media’s aerial photography drones have been successfully used in a variety of applications on sites to capture both the big and small of a job. With the ability to lift up to 400-feet in the air, our drones give a birds-eye-view of the overall big picture and layout of the site. The aerial view can help project managers see how progress is going, where personnel are, and the location of equipment. This increases efficiency and improves the operation of any large or complex project. They also allow us to get down close to see the small details in high or awkward places that otherwise would be difficult to see without putting someone in danger. For safety reasons, sending a drone to collect data in high-risk operations like climbing a large tower for an aerial view or having to get up on a roof, is a no-brainer. Work progression videos are in high demand as they allow companies to track completion on large job sites and reflect upon practice and quality of production.

Aerial Video Services for Construction Companies

Construction Pictures From Around the Charlotte Area

2D and 3D Mapping and Surveying


Do you need a 2D or 3D orthophoto of an aera? Construction sites can be huge and a lot of work is often going on all at once. It’s impossible for a project manager to be everywhere and this often leads to lags in quality control and costly mistakes. We have the solution to this dilemma that could save a company thousands of dollars in labor and materials and hundreds of hours in lost time. A flyover with our drone allows us to digitally capture the entire site and create a 3D model map that is accurate down the centimeter for close inspection of progress. Typical site time is 1-2 hours depending on the requested service and size of property. Once uploaded and processing begins, it takes just a few hours for us to deliver an interactive 3D model that can be twisted and viewed from any angle to evaluate work progression of entire site in almost real-time. An added feature is the ability to save feedback notes within the file that is easily shareable with others.

Receive a detailed 3-D map of your current construction site quickly.

We are delivering work that is at a much higher frequency than your typical methods. We can have a 2D and 3D model of your site to you in less than 24 hours with over one-million points that can be shared immediately across the network. 

Have a special request to best meet your company’s needs? Just ask. We can accommodate just about anything and we even come with our own safety equipment. We are quick, efficient, stealthy, and very fairly priced compared to any Cessna or helicopter. We give complete custom packages for each client and cater to their needs accordingly.

**Press play and click and drag around the 3D footage using mouse controls and the shift button.

More about the 3D modeling and surveying that is offered by SIX CENTS MEDIA:

The drone surveying process starts with setting control points on the ground via an application. We collect data similar to a way that you would mow your front lawn, in a back-and-forth pattern. After mapping out the route, we launch the drone and let the GPS automation system takeover. We then take the images into software called DroneDeploy which positions and stitches the photographs together into a 3D point cloud or map. Available in Orthomosaic, 3D models, NDVI Toolbox, NDVI Threshold, and Elevation Toolbox in just a couple of hours.

We also have the capability of using the drone to capture data analysis down to the centimeter. Meaning, measurements of buildings and exteriors can be accurately captured and recorded. 

Ready to Get Started?

We love collaborating and working as a team to create a product that we all can be proud of. We are always looking for new ways to put our drones to use. Do you have a crazy idea? Share it with us, we'd love to hear it.

Site safety signs construction site for health and safety


Safety is a top priority and we take numerous precautions to ensure a safe flight. We always conduct a pre-flight inspection of our aerial photography drones and equipment. We walk the area to check for any hazards (telephone lines, trees, or other objects that could pose a risk) and a direct line of site is always maintained while our drones are in the air. We are fully licensed with the FAA and adhere to their guidelines at all times.  Just for piece of mind, we do have injury and property liability insurance for our UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations that covers up to two million dollars. As an added bonus we bring our own safety equipment.

More information can be found here about the specific guidelines we follow and the steps we take to ensure a safe flight.